Internet friends

When I was younger, I made a Twitter account for a youtuber who I was watching (still watching him btw) and I made a really good internet friend. Lets call her Cutie. She was really a sweetheart! We were talking about everything and lots of boring things that were happening in our lifes, or about some wild horse who was running on her street, or things like that. I was more close to her than I was to my real friends! We were talking about how we got bullied and things like that. I feel like I can be more open on the internet. Isn’t it weird? I just NEED to meet her one day!

Do you have any internet friends? Do you still talk with each other? Did you ever meet them? Tell me your stories in the comments down below! ❤

Moonlight girl, out xoxo


Author: moonlightgirlx3

Hi, I'm a girl with lots of dreams, a girl who's scared of what everyone thinks about her...that's why I started this blog, to be me!

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